UiPath Training in Long Beach | Ui Path Training | Robotic Process Automation Training | RPA Training

UiPath Training in Long Beach | Ui Path Training | Robotic Process Automation Training | RPA Training

This UiPath training is a LIVE Instructor led training delivered for 16 hours over 4 weeks, 8 sessions, 2 sessions per week, 2 hours per session.

What is UiPath?

UiPath studio is a software solution. It converts the tedious tasks into UI automation. It will make manual, redundant, repetitive jobs efficient and faster. There is the best way to set up automation with little knowledge of programming. It is a tool that is used to design the automation process. It allows us to create a workflow that will help model the manual processes of the business. It enables to automate the back office.

What are the Course Objectives?

• Complete knowledge of UI Path.
• Create automated projects.
• Create the workflow using diagram and flowchart.
• Create a Complete RPA Project.

Who should take this Course?

• Working Professionals who are interested in learning UiPath – the leading RPA product.
• Those interested in learning how to automate manual, redundant, repetitive tasks. 


• Familarity with Computer concepts
• Appreciation for Robotic Process Automation Technology

Course Outline

1. Introduction To UIPath

  • The User Interface

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Updating UI Path Studio

  • Connecting your Project to a Source Control

  • Enabling Tracing

  • Creating a Basic Workflow

  • Introduction to Debugging a Workflow

  • Managing Packages

  • Types of Workflows

2. Sequences

  • Flowcharts

  • State Machines

3. Managing Variables

  • Naming Best Practices

  • The Variables Panel

  • Types of Variables

  • Generic Value Variables

  • Text Variables

  • True or False Variables

  • Number Variables

  • Array Variables

  • Date and Time Variables

  • Data Table Variables

4. Managing Arguments

  • Naming Best Practices

  • The Arguments Panel

  • Using Arguments

5. About Imported Namespaces

  • Importing New Namespaces

6. About Control Flow

  • Control Flow Activities

  • The Assign Activity

  • The Delay Activity

  • The Do While Activity

  • The If Activity

  • The Switch Activity

  • The While Activity

  • The For Each Activity

  • The Break Activity

7. About Control Flow

  • About Recording Types

  • Automatic Recording

  • Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop

  • Example of Automatic Recording with Web

  • Manual Recording

8. About UI Elements

  • UI Activities Properties

  • Input Methods

  • Example of Using Input Methods

  • Output or Screen Scraping Methods

  • Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods

9. About Data Scraping

  • Example of Using Data Scraping

10. About Selectors

  • Selectors with Wildcards

  • Full Versus Partial Selectors

  • UiPath Explore