Thirsty Showdown with DJ AJM

Thirsty Showdown with DJ AJM

Thirsty Showdown Thursday Night with DJ_AJM

DJ_AJM is here, Thursday Nights in Long Beach!

Get your friends! We Got GAMEs!

Have some DRINKS! Get to dance!

Get some yummy food! Have FUN!

Remember all rivalries are not bitter. Some are merely competitive, and the rivals are driven by a friendly desire to one-up each other and, no matter how it turns out, they continue as friends pushing themselves, anticipating their next level or next showdown. Always in mutual respect for each other.

A showdown is a challenge, a game, a performance, an art, anything, really. It can even be comical, with both parties competing over something mundane, or pointless or as meaningful as a dance.

Do not forget: A rival can be anyone, your Best Friend, your lover, a date, or even a former enemy. A Worthy Opponent and Spirited Competitor is the Only One Allowed to Defeat You. The Rival serves more as a foil and antagonist, Best Buds that tease one another.

Come and join us.

Be a part of the THIRSTY SHOWDOWN!

• Come DANCE without judgment•

• Enjoy without restraint•

• Celebrate Responsibly •

#longbeach #caliheights

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DJ AJM will start at 10PM But we will be here all evening too!

*This is a 21+ event. I.D.’s will be checked at the door.

*There is Free Parking and easy access for ridesharing.