NF – Merchandise Volunteer – Anaheim, CA

NF – Merchandise Volunteer – Anaheim, CA

Want to help with NF Merchandise at a show?

Merch Volunteers will need to arrive at 6PM and be able to stay as late as 11:45PM. You will assist in sales, handling cash and credit cards, and keeping merchandise stocked and organized. No ticket purchase required! AGE REQUIREMENT: 16+ 

** If a city is not listed, it is because volunteers are not needed. Volunteers will be used on select dates only **

Have a question about the NF The Search Tour volunteer position?  Please click HERE to see our FAQs           

We would love to hear from you! Please give our office a call 615-864-8138 or email us at!


1. If you have purchased a ticket to the show already, please note that you will not be able to watch the entire show if you decide to volunteer. There will be no refund for your show ticket. If you would like to watch the entire show, we ask that you do not sign up to volunteer. 

2. Volunteers, unfortunately will not get a meet and greet with NF. 


Q: Will we get a free ticket into the concert?

A: When you sign up to volunteer you will not receive a ticket (seat) into the concert. Volunteers will serve in shifts, but we cannot promise a ticketed seat. You may end up standing in the back or in a seat with a limited view of the stage. Please note, you will stay busy! It is our best intention to let you see some of the show, and we will try our best to allow you time for a break. So, plan on working the beginning, intermission and end of the concert.

Q: Can I arrive a little late due to work?

A: Volunteers will be checked in and escorted to your table promptly at the specified time on your volunteer ticket. There is mandatory training soon after, so be sure to allow time for parking and getting to the entrance. Please understand, that if you arrive later than 45 minutes after the volunteer Check-in time, we cannot guarantee access into the building. Also, you may be asked to purchase a ticket and stand in line until doors open to the public.

Q: Why is it important that I stay up to 30 minutes after the concert?

A: It’s very important that you stay until the concert is over. After the concert has finished, attendees tend to stop by the booths with questions or last minute purchases. Once attendees have left the building, we will need help tearing down the booths. We will work as quickly as we can to get you on your way home as soon as possible. We understand this can make for a late night and are very grateful for your willingness to serve with us until the end!

Q: How will I know where to go or who my contact is? 

A: Once you sign up, we will be sending you a confirmation email a few days before the event, with all the information you need. And, if you have any questions, you can always contact us at: or give us a call at: 615-864-8138 

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: There is no specific dress code. Please dress comfortably; you will be on your feet throughout the evening, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Q: Is there specific parking for volunteers?

A: Unfortunately, you will be responsible for parking. Please bring cash just in case, as we cannot waive these fees. As well, allow 10-15 mins to park and get to the venue for check-in.

Q: Will there be any food provided?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide food for everyone. You are welcome to bring in your own snacks (if the venue allows).

Q: How do I cancel my registration if I can no longer volunteer?

A: We understand things happen. If you need to cancel, please email or our Communications Director. We ask that you give us more than a 24 hour advance notice, or try to find a replacement for your ticket.

Q: What is Loop?

A: Read about us here: Click Here