Monday Night Open Mic

Monday Night Open Mic

Monday Open Mic at Roxanne’s

Come and enjoy food & drinks specials and a fun place to share something special.

Shy But Flyy hosts this fantastic Open Mic, in an atmosphere of honesty and sharing people show their unique perspective artistically, through comedy, drama, music, poetry, comedy, and more: Fun. Coming together to demonstrate the rich textures that make up our community in a welcoming environment, celebrating the depth of Long Beach is!

  • Bring your heart

  • Bring your honesty

  • Bring your openness

  • Prepare to experience BEAUTY

  • KNOW Creativity is FUN

  • Enjoy the diversity of COMMUNITY

It is wonderful to see the art in humanity and humans as artists.

This sets the stage for and precedes the Rox Jam that begins at 9:30. You are welcome to stay. For info on that event on Facebook click here…

Free // 21+

We will have a full menu

along with a dance floor,

Pool Table, Free Parking,

Excellent Atmosphere,

Fantastic People, GREAT MUSIC!

Face to face with ourselves and our friends~COME JOIN US!

Check out Shy But Flyy:

This event can be seen on Facebook here . .