Let’s Break the Wheel: Parm & Pasta Class

Let’s Break the Wheel: Parm & Pasta Class

Have you ever dreamed of making pasta in a freshly cracked wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano?  I mean the real deal, not the cheese imposter they are wheeling and dealing in some places.  Wake up and come live the experience at Ollie’s Kitchen!  Classes will start rolling Wednesday through Saturday, so pick a date and bring someone you feel really cheesy about.  

Class includes:

Hands-on cooking class, knife skills, kitchen and health safety, a cool history of parm and it’s significance in both Italian and American food and culture.  We will be cooking with the finest ingredients including and fresh spring produce, Daverro olive oil, and fresh herbs and spices you will want to keep as kitchen staples.  

Appetizer of kumato tomato crudo bruschetta and full dinner (detailed below) are served, plus you leave with a bag of fresh parm and all the recipes! (Get ready to experience parm like never before!  It is so different than store bought, it is soft and aromatic…I can’t wait for you to taste it!)

You will learn to spin this wheel three ways:

Cacio e pepe


Primavera-loaded with spring veggies

We will also make a beautiful garden salad, and finish with homemade fresh fruit gelato.

You are welcome to bring wine or purchase at the class.  We’re going to have a wheely good time!