Is “Entanglement” Real for Soulmates? | Soulmate Series PART II

Is “Entanglement” Real for Soulmates? | Soulmate Series PART II

Welcome to our Soulmate Series Part II! We have talked about how to attract your soulmate. Now let’s dive deeper into finding your soulmate, starting today.

What if Quantum Entanglement could help you find your soulmate—would you do it? Yes, you would because there are scientifically proven ways to get a faster connection today.

It’s an astonishing concept in science that places connection at the center of everything: Entanglement. Join us in a “workshop style” meet n’ greet to learn how to utilize the genuine power of soulmates. What to expect:

1.) We will meet one another and talk about mindfulness and define the word soulmate for us.
2.) We will discuss the science behind soulmates using physics.
3.) You can engage with other mindful people and participate in the theory of Entanglement to find your soulmate.

Some context for our event (you might want to bring a pen and pad of paper or iPad/Tablet for taking notes, but we will provide pen and paper too):

. Introductions
. Mantra reading/Meditation
. The Formula to Manifest Anything
. Workshop – make it a reality!
. Closing: Meet n’ greet/networking

We will be meeting in an open green space in Newport Beach off of Bison Avenue. It is gorgeous and aligns with our ideals of nature.

There is plenty of free parking in the lot next to the park. You can wear comfortable shoes. The area where we will be joining one another has concrete ground, tables, and benches. So, your shoes should not get damaged. Also, you might want to bring a jacket because it can get a little chilly at night. But we will have blankets and towels. 😉

Beverages and snacks will be provided. The admission is by donation. Most people give $5-10 per person for event space and food. You can bring cash or use Venmo if that makes you happy! Or give a hug as your donation!

Bring your positivity with you as well as your friends to join The Omni Movement!