iComply California Comprehensive Compliance Training – Online – 2019

iComply California Comprehensive Compliance Training – Online – 2019

Get your tickets for the iComply Comprehensive Compliance Training in California!   

Please RSVP and purchase your ticket through EventBrite! You can complete this training any time after purchase and before the course end date.

Licensed cannabis operators in CA can encourage compliant business practices by taking this course individually or certifying entire facilities at our Silver or Gold Standard. For more information on facility certification, contact us at: 719-244-3012.

By becoming an iComply Certified Facility through our courses, business owners can legally mitigate the offenses against their licenses, business investment, and employees. Our Comprehensive Compliance Training program is structured to provide in-depth education regarding the manufacturing, cultivation, and sale of marijuana. This training has been designed with state-specfic rules and regulation. This course includes 5-6 hours of online training, a 100+ page training manual, and documented assessments.

Our compliance training classes save companies thousands of dollars in cost and risk and greatly alleviate owner and employee stress in an environment of increasing enforcement. With both medical and retail marijuana regulations to contend with, hundreds of thousands of investment dollars on the line, and the forward momentum of regulatory models, compliance is more important than ever before. 

Establish Compliance Standards across your organization with Documented Employee Compliance Training. Our training programs work to further legitimacy in the cannabis industry by establishing standards across operations. Join us today!