Family Days of Holiday Making

Family Days of Holiday Making

Holiday Activities

Familly Days of Making – Holiday Activities $10. per Maker (adult or child)  Up to two adults assisting paying children and not making are free.

Make a mini modular village house for our progressive village, view and start a model for our expanding Shoreline Village display,  add your house to our train display, make a tree for our holiday forest, Add your Santa to our Holiday Photo Booth and Take a Photo!

Plus, we’ll show you our regular activities.  You can jump into one of them!

Families, clubs, groups, are invited to visit and make with us. Book your holiday party at Brickersville!  Other dates available.

Holiday Crackers (Choose from LEGO keychain Gift, or pick a date from one of our advent calendars) Add on cost is $5 for 2 crackers per paying maker. Non-registered Maker or additional crackers, materials cost is $5 per cracker. (pay onsite, as available)

Please note that only the holiday crackers are take home activities.  All other LEGO must remain onsite!

Expect to stay about 1 1/2 hours.  We validate for discounted parking: $2 for the first 2 hours.  See the Shoreline Village site for directions to the village and additional parking costs.

We are upstairs of the Long Beach Souvenir shop.  Look for the photo taking cutouts.