Eddie Booze Live at The Exhibition Room

Eddie Booze Live at The Exhibition Room

Live at The Exhibition Room Long Beach, Eddie Booze, and Friends.

Needless to say, Eddie is a man of many talents, these shows are great chances to see him in an intimate setting doing what he does best.

The Exhibition Room, Long Beach Calif. is the hidden gem inside Roxanne’s Cocktail Lounge & Latin Grill. We serve up Classically, Crafted and perfectly executed Cocktails from an exquisite array of fine spirits, aperitifs, bitters, fortified wines, tasty beers and a bunch of other great things in an intimate historic, private setting.  

Eddie Booze is a legend in our area not only as a popular, professional musician, but also as the founder of The Big E-Learning Academy, as a cinematographer, and as an educator.

For Reservations Call or Text 562 826 2940, and Dress To Impress

Doors open at 7 PM Eddie begins at 9:30 PM!

Check Eddie Booze out on YouTube . . . he is also on Instagram @eddiebooze

Find The Exhibition Room on Facebook here and on Instagram @exhibitionroom

*21+ ID  required to enter. 

Free parking is available and there is access to multiple ridesharing options.