Aire Libre Session Los Angeles

Aire Libre Session Los Angeles

Running, a moving meditation, connects us to our surroundings in a way no other mode of transportation does. Inner exploration; being present, mining our interior and rediscovering that inner child that was wide-eyed excited to explore, to move! Aire Libre Sessions take these values and apply it to local communities. 

Los Angeles, rich in cultural abundance, diverse and ever-changing. Our first LA session will take us to the heart of the city: The Arts District. From the site of an integral 19th century stronghold in the Mexican-American War to the birthplace of the French Dip Sandwich; to the first formal street in all of Los Angeles to a famed and controversial Chicano mural dated nearly 100 years, we’ll be commemorating our city’s past while admiring its evolution. 

The Session will be an easy 5 kilometer jog after a warm up and a spiritual grounding; a priming of our breath, a quick adjustment of the mind guided by Hakim Tafari. At the end of the experience, cooling down, we’ll enjoy a beer or two. At the end, as we say, we’ll have become Family, “La Familia” as we like to put it. 

About your hosts

Hakim Tafari is one of the biggest exponents of running and mindfulnes. He has been in deep study of martial arts, Praying mantis Kung fu, philosophy and mystic art of Tai chi, Wu Ji, and Qi Gong.Currently, he is working with Dr. Michael Spino, author of the book “Beyond Jogging, the interspaces of running” to bring certain mindfulness techniques to the run community as well as working on a documentary and later on working on a book that will explore a little bit of everything, from running, mindfulness, veganism and spirituality.

Gordon is a six year transplant to the City of Angels where he’s become a student of running. Now a 3x marathoner, 4x unsanctioned (no rules) road racer, a 1x (soon to be 2x) Aire Libre experiencer, running has evolved into more than just a sport with numbers and goals; it’s become a way of life with deep-rooted friendships and a door-opener to see the world with them. He writes, enjoys beer & wine, and loves motorcycles. 

This is a free event with limited availability